Compensation for Child Pornography Victims

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, shares the types of compensation that a victim of child pornography can receive from perpetrators.

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Compensation for child pornography victims is a relatively new and emerging area of the law. This is something that we basically pioneered starting about 10 years ago. It’s finding a way to compensate victims whose images are on the internet, sometimes very young children who weren’t even aware that the images were being made or distributed. And some of those images are being distributed quite widely; some of these images are less distributed. And when I talk about images, I’m also talking about videos, which 10 years ago were probably not very common but are becoming more and more common. So in terms of compensation for victims of these crimes there’s both civil compensation, which is a civil lawsuit, which everyone is aware of. Or there’s restitution, which is something that victims can achieve as part of a criminal prosecution, mostly a federal criminal prosecution because not all states have restitution as part of their criminal statute.

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