Commercial Litigation Basics Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

First Steps If Served with a Commercial Litigation Lawsuit

Minneapolis Minnesota commercial litigation attorney Bryan Feldhaus discusses the importance of contacting an attorney and instituting a litigation hold.

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If a business receives a commercial litigation lawsuit, they need to contact their attorney. That’s probably the first advice that I give to any business. But in addition to doing that, it’s important for a company to first institute a litigation hold to preserve any electronic evidence that might exist. Oftentime, commercial litigation cases are based upon e-mail correspondence, commercial agreements and things of that nature, so preserving that evidence is key. It’s also important for a company to collect the relevant documents, documents that affect the litigation, but also relevant insurance policies, so that when you have that initial conversation with counsel, you’ll be able to provide them the information that’s important. Finally, it’s really helpful if companies martial the key facts underlying the lawsuit and provide that to counsel as well. That helps streamline and guide the strategy that counsel may provide to immediately address the issue.

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