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Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Louanne Masry talks about a specific case she worked on where she represented the parents of a young man who was innocently attacked and killed by negligent police officers.

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In our society, all people have the right to be treated fairly, but unfortunately sometimes there are people who like to take advantage of people, especially those who are disadvantaged in some way, and recently we represented the family of a young man who was killed at the hands of law enforcement agents. This young man lived in a group home. He suffered mental illness, and one of the workers at the home called the police department because they felt he needed some assistance because he was hitting himself.

So the police officers came to this group home, and rather than speak to him and calm him down, they immediately grabbed him, threw him to the ground, and got on top of him. And stayed on top of him with their weight on him to the point where he stopped breathing, and died at the scene. In this case, we represented the mother and the father of this young man who never got a chance to say goodbye to their son. We were able to negotiate a settlement for them to compensate them for their loss, although clearly no money will ever replace what happened to them.

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