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What is Expedited Child Support?

Minnesota Family Law attorney Melisa Field explains how the Expedited Child Support process is made for people without attorneys.

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The expedited child support process is a process that’s created just for child support. To be in that process you have to have what’s called a IV-D case. And a IV-D case is a case where the county is involved in the collection of your support. If you have income withholding in place or you’ve ever applied for services or there’s public assistance being expended then you have a IV-D case. If you ever want to modify child support or change some of the terms, you do that in the expedited process. The expedited process is a very user-friendly process. It’s made for people without attorneys. It’s much more informal and the rules are much more relaxed. In fact, a lot of attorneys have never actually appeared in the expedited process. The process is overseen by a child support magistrate they have authority only to deal with financial issues they cannot deal with any custody and parenting time issues. You go and they look like a judge, they’re wearing a black robe but really they have limited authority on the decision they can make. These child support magistrates do child support every day and so they know the laws inside and out. You go to the hearing, you do your paperwork, they ask you questions, and then they use their knowledge to calculate child support for you based on the laws.

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