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Most Common Child Support Issue

Minneapolis family law attorney Laurie Mack-Wagner discusses how self-employed parents often are difficult cases in child support.

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I would say the most common issue is a party’s gross income in self-employment cases. Self-employed party’s are the most complicated to figure out because you get to look at their gross revenues and you look at their ordinary necessary business expenses and there are all kinds of fights about that. It also involves getting a lot more information, not just the tax returns but also the underlying business expense documentation, the business tax returns looking at what is the party spending money on and are they reducing their own personal living expenses when they’re doing that. It’s a pretty complicated question and it doesn’t have an easy answer, so that one is litigated quite a bit. We’re also seeing the parenting time question litigated quite a bit because it implicates child support. People are fighting over whether they have 6 nights out of 14 or 7 nights out of 14 because they get bumped from the 45.1 category down to the 10-45 percent category.

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