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Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Louanne Masry talks about a case she worked on where she represented a woman who suffered severe injuries including paralysis of her entire body due to a terrible car accident.

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In Southern California, there are close to 100,000 car accidents per year, and we have represented many people who have suffered injuries as a result of an accident, but one case that really sticks out to me was a woman who we represented, a young woman who was a mother, and had two young children. And she was driving her minivan, and unfortunately was struck by another driver. And the impact was so strong that she was ejected from the car. As a result, she suffered a spinal cord injury, and was paralyzed from her neck down. I spent a lot of time with her and her family, and I really learned the power of perseverance.

This was a woman who was never expected to even leave the hospital. Fortunately, I got to spend time with her in the hospital and got to see her strength and what it took for her to get back into society. And despite her paralysis, and the problems that she had, she showed to me what strength really means. I still have a relationship with her today, and this was a few years ago, and I’m so happy to see her progressing well. We were able to negotiate a large settlement with the insurance company of the driver who hit her, so she’s now able to get the best medical care that she needs, and I’m so happy to see that.

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