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Memorable Birth Injury Case

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The most memorable case are not always the largest ones. I’ve settled cases in excess of $30 million, high $20 million, more than that in structured settlement cases. But some of the more interesting ones are when we can take a very, very tough case in a small community that might protect its doctors or one would think they do and we get an outstanding result in a small town in Wisconsin, in Iowa, in Illinois, all over the Midwest. We’ve been very successful in taking cases for the disadvantaged and getting them the results that the family will need to take care of a child throughout that child’s life. Removing from the family the burden of caring for the child, removing from the siblings the burden of financially carrying, and making sure that that child will have maximum benefits of healthcare throughout its life.

Chicago, IL medical malpractice attorney Jeffrey M. Goldberg reflects on an extremely memorable case he’s taken on.

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