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Actually, the first medical malpractice case I ever was referred years and years ago was a birth injury case and I’ll be honest I didn’t have a lot of experience. I brought in someone senior to me to sort of help me and counsel me a little bit. I became, it became a passion of mine, and ever since then I’ve been doing birth injury cases since the mid ’70s if you can believe it. When I started we didn’t have the technology and the doctors didn’t have the technology and I’ve grown with the practice.

I’ve lectured on birth injuries, I’ve written on birth injuries, I’ve talked to other medical groups on birth injuries, and I have an extensive amount of experience in trying these cases to a jury, trying them to verdict. Settling them when we can but my clients know that if we can’t get a reasonable settlement we’re going to take their case to trial. And what’s really important is the companies insurance and the defendants know we don’t back down. We don’t take what they’re going to give us we go for what we need for our clients.

Chicago, IL medical malpractice attorney Jeffrey M. Goldberg talks about his overall experience in handling birth injury cases.

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