Birth Injuries Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

$33 Million Birth Injury Settlement

Chicago, IL medical malpractice attorney Jeffrey M. Goldberg discusses an important case dealing with birth injury and cerebral palsy.

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That particular case was one of the earlier ones in my career actually; it was a child that developed cerebral palsy as a result of something that happened not at birth but within the next few days in the neonatal unit. The physicians failed to pay attention to developing problems that could have easily been prevented in today’s world and in the world that existed when this case occurred. The child went on to live a lengthy life, unfortunately, has since died but he was able to live at home with his family on a ventilator with a g-tube dependence and with round the clock care because of what we were able to do for him.

We’ve had many other cases of similar amounts of money where we can win cases for children like that.

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