Avoiding Employment Discrimination Claims

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover talks about how to avoid employment discrimination claims.

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Two ways, I think. One is proper education of your employees and your staff about how to recognize a potential employment-related problem, which can run the gamete from discrimination issues, over time issues. And then the second is, and I think this is even more important that when those issues become apparent, there’s something called the interactive process that almost every employment statute, be it state or federal, requires an employer and employee to engage in.

And employers almost always get into the most trouble is if they refuse to talk with the employee, and talk out the potential solutions to a problem. If they employer engages in that process, and it has to be a good faith effort to engage in that process, the courts will give the employers a tremendous benefit of the doubt. But if they just shut down the employee, and say this way or the highway, the employer is asking for a lot of trouble.

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