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Asbestos Basics: What is asbestos?

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Aaron Heckaman talks about asbestos.

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So asbestos – a lot of people don’t know this – it’s a naturally occurring mineral. It’s literally something that’s found in the ground and something that was used so widely back in the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s that a lot of times people don’t even know that they came in contact with asbestos. Very often we have clients that come to us. They’re diagnosed with mesothelioma, and the first question the doctor asked them is, “Where did you work around asbestos?” The sad part about this tort and the sad part about the deadly nature of asbestos is that it’s a silent killer. You don’t see it. You don’t smell it. You don’t taste it. So the fact that these clients worked with these products and didn’t even know asbestos was in them is largely what makes up the bases for our suits against these companies and, again, kind of highlights the fact that you have to have specific training and knowledge to uncover which products did or did not contain asbestos.

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