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What is Lidoderm?

California antitrust attorney Joseph Saveri explains what Lidoderm is.

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Lidoderm is an analgesic, it’s a painkiller, it’s something – it’s a kind of anesthetic. People put it on wounds to essentially deaden or numb skin or skin around wounds. The Lidoderm case is one of the new generation of reverse-payment cases. What we allege is that the branded manufacturer of Lidoderm entered into agreements with potential generic competitors where the brand company, the manufacturers of Lidoderm agreed to provide substantial compensation and value to potential generic competitors essentially in exchange for them staying out of the market. We have a system in the United States, which encourages brand – excuse me. We have a system in the United States that encourages generic drug manufacturers to come to market quickly, to provide competitive products, to drive down prices as a way of helping to deal with the high cost of pharmaceutical prices in the United States. The agreements in Lidoderm and other cases frustrate that public policy, and our lawsuit – in our lawsuit, we’re trying to do something about that.

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