Alternative Dispute Resolution in Commercial Cases Attorney in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Rewarding Aspects

Minnesota Mediation Attorney, James Gilbert, discusses the most rewarding part of working as a neutral.

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The most rewarding aspect for me is helping people come to resolution.  A lot of these cases are really very disruptive to their lives and to their business, and we trial lawyers kind of like the excitement of the trial.  But individuals don’t because it’s very, very disruptive and a lot of stress involved with that.  So, when we come to resolution on a peaceful basis, I think everybody’s better off.  And it’s really a feeling of satisfaction.

I just mediated a case yesterday for 12 hours involving a family dispute over a closely-held corporation and they’d been spending hundreds of thousands dollars fighting over this.  It divided the family.  And by 8:00 last night, we got it settled.  And going forward, I think that family’s gonna be so much better off because it was resolved.

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