Advice to People Going Through Divorce Attorney in Nutley, New Jersey

How to Deal with Difficult Ex-Spouses

New Jersey family law attorney, Brad Micklin, explains how to deal with difficult ex-spouses.

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I think the best way for a person to protect themselves from harassing messages and both email, text messages or even verbal harassment is to not necessarily run for a restraining order unless there’s an immediate risk of harm. If it’s just something that’s gradually starting to increase, I think the best thing to do is to send some kind of a writing. It could be a letter or a text message or an email that says, “This kind of conduct is unwanted, and I want it to stop” because you’re sort of drawing a line in the sand. Because if the conduct continues, then you should seek a restraining order because getting it will be a lot easier when you can show the judge that you first tried to resolve it, you specified what was unwanted, and they still continued to do it. It shows a much greater intent, which is more likely to lead to the receipt of a restraining order.

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