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Divorcing a Narcissist

New Jersey family law attorney, Brad Micklin, shares how to deal with a narcissistic soon-to-be ex-spouse.

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The tips I have for somebody divorcing a narcissist is essentially expect the worst and plan for it. Divorcing a narcissist is a very challenging situation, depending on how severe of a narcissist the individual is because some people have narcissistic qualities and some people are a narcissist, the borderline personality disorder. But a person who is a narcissist takes everything as a challenge to their self-image. So as soon as you do anything, you’re going to be met with some egregious response that is more often than not shocking to the individual who isn’t prepared to face it. So that person ends up being on the defensive if they haven’t planned in advance to be more offensive. So I tell clients the best thing to do is to expect that and plan for it by talking to people who are gonna serve as your witnesses, getting professional help like counselors or even attorneys involved early so that you’re sort of armed with the defenses when it comes up.

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