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Mock Courtroom in Trial Preparation

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Richard Plezia talks about the uniqueness of having a mock courtroom in their office.

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It’s really not it’s there are other lawyers that have mock courtrooms in their office but they’re very few and far between. We use it on several different ways. We actually mock try every case that we go to trial on and we listen to not lawyers, not doctors, but regular people that we recruit to be jurors. And they’re people that have no interest in the case and they’re bloody honest. And it’s refreshing to sit down and understand where the obstacles are in deliberations that’s one way we use it. We also have and you’ll notice we have a place for a judge, a place for a witness so we can do witness preparation. It’s the same color and same mikes that are down at the Harris County Courthouse so it’s a very familiar setting. We can seat a full 12-person jury. We have cameras and sound that pick up everything.

And so we also do focus groups and we focus group a case 10 to 12 times each case. And they provide insight as to questions to ask in deposition. What kind of value we need to be looking for. What kind of cases, what kind of theories of liability. Who might be missing in the case, you know is there another defendant that they want to put blame on? And so it’s a really a unique way and I think a very thorough way of preparing cases for trial. There’s a lot of lawyers out there that will handle a case and won’t go to the courthouse and we’re just not one of them.

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