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Does Your Firm’s Success Guarantee a Win?

Minneapolis medical malpractice attorney Shannon Carey explains that just because her firm is successful does not mean that there is a guarantee she will win a client’s case.

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No. Unfortunately, they don’t. I wish they did. Our firm successes shows that we are dedicated to medical malpractice, and we have had great successes, and we’ve done very well in medical malpractice.

But we’ve also lost cases. It just that’s the way that it works unfortunately, and it’s hard because I become very invested in my clients and their story and where they’ve been, and now what they’re facing in the future. And it’s hard to not see them succeed sometimes.

But I think our firm successes give us so much background and knowledge and information that we are leaps ahead of other people that don’t practice medical malpractice on a daily basis. I think that’s the biggest difference. This is a very special area of the law, and you want somebody that actually does medical malpractice cases that hasn’t had the one medical malpractice case where they amputated the wrong.

That’s a pretty clear cut case, and somebody would probably tell me that that’s a slam dunk case. I’ve been in the business long enough to know that things can happen, and it’s not a sure thing, so I think that’s piece that they really need to understand is that you want someone who has been in the trenches, who’s been up against these big provides, who has done it more than once.

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