About the Personal Injury Firms Attorney in Houston, Texas

About The Law Offices of Richard J. Plezia & Associates

This brief introduction video features personal injury attorney Richard Plezia as he discusses the types of cases his firm usually handles as well as advice on what one should look for when looking to hire a personal injury attorney.

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Well, we’re a full service litigation firm where we actually take cases from the very beginning all the way through trial. So all of our services always have some type of litigation or trying a lawsuit and we also complete and do all the appellate work after a verdict as well.

Anybody can have a great website or a flashy and the question is is how many cases have they tried down at the courthouse. I’ve tried 100 non-civil jury trials and that’s all on the civil side there are no criminal trials and the numbers for criminal lawyers typically tend to be higher.

We actually mock try every case that we go to trial on and we listen to not lawyers, not doctors, but regular people that we recruit to be jurors and they’re people that have no interest in the case and they’re bloody honest. And it’s refreshing to sit down and understand where the obstacles are in deliberations that’s one way we use it.

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