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About the Johnston & Hutchinson LLP

This compilation videos features personal injury attorney Thomas Johnston as he talks about what makes his firm stand out and what it’s like to work with him.

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We’re trial lawyers and what that means is we have the skill to go to court and go in front of a jury and actually put on the trial of a case. A lot of firms they are civil trial lawyers but all they do really are settlements. So what makes us special is we do both those things. We work up our cases and we try them in front of juries and if it makes sense for the client, we settle them too.

We focus on catastrophic personal injury cases and wrongful death cases. In a catastrophic injury case is one that has forever changed someone’s life. We can do other cases but we mostly choose not to because we only take a certain number of cases. And we take cases that we can put all of our attention to and we find those are the ones that we find most rewarding.

We’re client first that’s the motto of our firm. So what we strive to do is make sure that the client is fully informed of everything that’s happening in the case. But really, that’s what the law requires anyway but what we do that is special is our clients can reach me on my cellphone. They can reach my assistant at any time and they can expect a text, a call, or a return e-mail within minutes or at the most, hours. We stay on top of it and our clients communicate with us on a very regular basis. That’s the type of service we try to provide.

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