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About the Ratinoff Law Group

This introduction video features family law attorney Los Angeles family law attorney Joanne Ratinoff as she talks about her firm and what makes it different than others.

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What makes my firm different from other law firms is I come from a big law firm background with that level of expertise and experience and yet, the client gets me to pay personal attention to them. My family law practice is focused exclusively on divorce: Mediating divorce, litigating divorce, collaborative divorce, and then, transactional matters, preparing agreements for clients such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

I charge by the hour. I charge a retainer fee up front, my hours are billed against the retainer fee, and if the fees exclude the initial retainer then the client is billed monthly.

If, however, my retainer fee isn’t fully used up at the conclusion of the case, then that portion which is not used is refunded to my client. Not all lawyers do provide refundable retainers and I think that that’s one question that a potential client may want to ask their divorce lawyer their arrangements concerning their retainer fees.

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