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Watch this brief introduction video to the law firm Crawford, Wishnew & Lang PLLC featuring attorneys Trey Crawford, Michael Lang and Dave Wishnew as they discuss what it’s like working at the firm and the different types of areas they practice in.

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We are sort of advocates and trusted advisors. We’re in the business of protecting businesses. We’re a team we look at ourselves as a family and we row in the same direction. We like to fight the good fight. We like to pick cases and clients that we align our interests with. We want to support them and end disputes before they start if we can. If we can put a dispute down for most clients that is what is in their best interest however, if the case is going to go through litigation, is it going to go the distance then we want to be their advocates. We want to be their trial lawyers that is the favorite part of our practice. And while in our business, most cases should not go to trial it is the best part of what we do. My most favorite part of my job is trying cases.

Well you can expect us to take your case personally, to aggressively analyze it, and to dive into the case in an effort to get the best result. We aren’t going to push your case to the back burner. We represent our clients and what they need on a very personal and aggressive level.

I think the first and probably the most important thing when choosing a law firm or a lawyer is to make sure they’ve got experience. There’s a lot of lawyers in town and quite frankly, everywhere who are litigators but they’re not really trial lawyers, they don’t have much experience in actually getting into the courtroom and trying cases to juries or arbitrators or what be it. So I think expertise in that field and experience is critical.

But the second thing, which is probably equally as critical, is you want to find a lawyer that you can work with and can identify the client’s goals from the outset. If you can’t identify the client’s goals, you’re not going to be able to service the client and so finding a lawyer that can identify what the client’s goal is from the outset of the relationship and basically, that will dictate and guide the entire representation. So I think those are the two big things having experience and expertise and actually trying cases. But also somebody who understands the clients business, the objectives because if you’re not on the same sheet of music from the start then you’re not going to be as happy in the representation and it’s not going to be as good of an outcome overall.

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