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Seattle, WA bankruptcy lawyers Joshua Curtis, Robert Casteel and Steven M. Palmer talk about what makes their firm different and the services they provide.

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I think what makes us different from other firms with regards to bankruptcy is really maybe two or three items. Firstly, we take the time in our initial consultations to really drive down to what the client’s issues are. So we want to make sure that they understand what it is that we’re going to be able to do for them. We want to make sure that they understand what the process of bankruptcy entails like from the beginning to the end. And then, I want to make them comfortable, I want to make sure that there’s a rapport that’s been established between them and myself. And the last thing, really, is something that we do that no one else in the area does and that’s after the people have either completed their bankruptcy and received a discharge or if they’re in a Chapter 13 and they’ve received their confirmation then we help them to rebuild their credit. And that’s hugely important.

The legal services that our firm offers are mostly to individuals. We help people with their real estate issues, we help people with estate planning and probate issues, and then we help people with individual bankruptcy, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Our primary philosophy is to try and resolve things without getting into lawsuits and that sort of thing. I serve as kind of a sounding board and overseer for the escrow files. I review every one of them that comes into our office and our principle goal there is to immediately identify things that would slow down or delay or worse, cause a transaction not to close. And I’m not aware of any other law firms that take that approach to their escrow department and the escrow closing. So those are, I think, very significant distinctives for our firm.

Our firm was founded in 2014 and I had actually worked at a previous firm with Robert Casteel. We parted ways and it took a few months for us to come back together and work together again. But he was my mentor when I was right out of law school and so working with him again was definitely an exciting opportunity for me. He has a depth of knowledge and experience that I draw on a lot.

And then our firm, we have three other, well, we have three branch offices that do escrow closings. So we have an office in Bothell, an office in Marysville, and an escrow closing team here in Lynnwood. And we grew, we added the office in Marysville in 2018.

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