What types of trainings does your law firm, Haglund Law Firm, offer for school boards, administrators, and staff?

Texas school law attorney, Wayne Haglund, explains how his law firm trains schools on best legal practices.

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I have been certified by the Texas Education Agency to do board trainings in virtually all the areas where board training is required and regularly do those. In addition, annually throughout the year we do trainings for administrators and staff, faculty and staff on a variety of legal topics. There’s really not anything we can’t train on and haven’t trained on. And what a lot of educational institutions may not understand is that regular training, annual training, along with having comprehensive written policies and comprehensive written complaint policies, grievance polices actually form part of a viable legal defense to claims that are made against schools and educational institutions in both federal and state court. So in effect, we are insulating the client from liability by performing the annual trainings in those areas.