What preventative measures should be taken to avoid or limit school district exposure to liability and how should this be brought to the attention of school boards, administrators, and staff?

Texas school law attorney, Wayne Haglund, shares how schools should take preventative measures to limit legal exposure.

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In the practice of preventative law, which we advocate for schools one of the very best tools available to schools are training. Rarely is there a problem that presents to a school where we couldn’t have avoided the problem all together or in the alternative, limited our exposure had there been better training for our staff or administrators had they known better how to deal with this at the outset. And so I preach to boards that the money that they spend on training saves them untold tens of thousands of dollars on the other end. The problem is that it’s hard to document what you don’t have to spend and the boards are fixated on what they do spend they don’t give enough thought to when was the last time we had a claim, why is that all of a sudden we don’t have so many claims? And the answer to that is almost always training and competent advice from counsel.