What is the first thing a school board, administration, or staff member should do if they become aware of a grievance?

Texas school law attorney, Wayne Haglund, shares how a school district should handle a grievance.

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Actually, the answer to that is they should spring into action in Texas before there is a formal grievance. Anytime an administrator or a board member knows that someone is upset we should proactively contact that person or group and offer them the availability of our policy, hand them a copy of the applicable complaint policy, and hand them a copy of the applicable complaint form and encourage them to file a complaint. I think I was the first lawyer in Texas years and years ago who recommended to schools that we need to encourage the use of complaints. I will say, I have said for years complaints are our early warning system that we have a problem while it’s still small enough for us to get our hands around it and fix it. I say frequently when I do speeches on this, grievances are our best friend they tell us when we have a problem while we can still handle it in house.