What has been the role of HOP in the VW Dieselgate litigation?

Irving, TX personal injury attorney Michael Heygood talks about how the firm had a part in the VW Dieselgate litigation.

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We’ve had several different roles. Initially, well, many clients hired us to represent them that had been subject of this fraud by Volkswagen and in connection with representing those clients the Federal Court system appointed one Federal Judge in San Francisco, Judge Breyer, to oversee all of the litigation related to it. Judge Breyer appointed a panel of a few lawyers to represent all of the plaintiffs in the United States in this litigation and I was selected to be one of those and so I was one of the lawyers on the panel that was driving and directing this litigation from the very beginning against Volkswagen that had ballooned at this point into quite a large piece of litigation, not only from hundreds of thousands of people that were bringing lawsuits against them, but also the government themselves imposing penalties for the things that they had done.