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Irving, TX personal injury attorney Michael Heygood talks about a memorable personal injury case.

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When I first became a lawyer one of the things I did when I worked for large law firm
was I represented trucking companies and so when I have now began our own firm that
we’ve now had for 20 years, one of the things I’ve specialized in is litigation against trucking companies, knowing the insides and have seen the other sides. And I have handled countless very catastrophic trucking cases. You know, we had a case that I handled in Arizona where an 18-wheeler truck driver fell asleep. He just ran over top of a van that had six family members in it and the van just burned up and they burned alive. And when you get into the research and you get the documents, you know, it’s really troubling. The lack of documentation and oversight we have with some of the trucking companies in the United States, you know, you’d learn that they may say they were in one place, but they were – their gas receipts show they were across the country, and it really demonstrates there is a problem that we have that trucking – truck drivers don’t follow the rules about how and when they’re supposed to be on the road as well as they should. That kind of litigation when you can demonstrate that and illustrate that they need changes in their organization, in their company are quite fulfilling.