What do you do when you’re not practicing law?

Irving, TX personal injury attorney James Craig Orr, Jr. talks about himself including his hobbies and interests in his free time.

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Well I spend a lot of time with basketball. I love basketball, and I, still, at 52 years old – I know I look kinda young, but I am 52, just turned. I play basketball every week, and I have a group of guys. Some played in college; some played in high school, and we play all the time. But then my son is a better basketball player than me, and he’s 15 years old, so I’m constantly going to various basketball tournaments. For example, we were just this last weekend at Texas A&M for a high school basketball tournament, so I really enjoy that. My son and I also play golf. My wife plays golf, too. And I think my wife and I like to cook at home and watch movies, and sometimes we’ll watch various series on Amazon or Netflix. We enjoy that kind of thing. In fact, we just finished an interesting on called Mindhunter that was real good on Netflix. So those are the kinds of things I like to do.