Tell us about a particularly rewarding or significant case you’ve handled.

Irving, TX personal injury attorney James Craig Orr, Jr. reflects on a couple meaningful cases he’s taken on.

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Fairly recently, I was handling a business litigation case, where a client, a company, had been accused of stealing some trade secrets of another company. And this company was actually represented by another law firm, and the case went to trial, and they lost, and the client got a very large judgment against them. And then they switched horses, hired our firm, and we came in, and, on appeal, we were able to prove that this really was not a legitimate lawsuit against our client, because the thing they were accused of stealing, a trade secret – that’s what the other side was calling it – really wasn’t a secret at all, and it was something that was well-known in the industry. If it’s already well-known in the industry, it can’t be stolen, and so, on appeal, we were able to prove that and we were able to get the client completely out of that judgment.

On the personal injury side, I’m handling a case right now involving the death of a 15-year-old boy. He was at a Boy Scout camp in west Texas, and he went out there because he needed to complete his last merit badge to become an Eagle Scout, and to do this, he needed to go on a four-mile backpack. But he wasn’t a real athlete; he was a little bit overweight, and so his parents signed him up for this beginner backpacking course. But when he got out there to the camp, no one else had signed up for the course, and the camp sent him on an advanced backpacking trek without any adults. He was sent out with just two other boys, up into the mountains of west Texas in the west Texas heat, carrying a 40-pound backpack, and about 7 and a half hours into the hike, he died of a heat stroke. And it’s a real rewarding case, ‘cause I’m kind of serving two roles. I’m being lawyer, and these parents are just – they’re devastated, and so I’m kind of being lawyer and grief counselor, and I’m real hopeful. It’s going to trial in August, and I’m real hopeful that we’re able to get some justice for these parents that maybe they’ll be able to find some kind of peace.