Tell us about any special certifications you have and what they mean or awards or honors you’ve received.

Irving, TX personal injury attorney James Craig Orr, Jr. talks about the types of awards he’s achieved throughout his career.

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Here in the state of Texas, I’ve been voted as a Super Lawyer 13 different times, and that’s where other lawyers, my peers, vote on who they think are the top lawyers in the state, and I’ve been voted as one of those top lawyers, like I said, 13 times. I’m also board certified in personal injury litigation by the state of Texas, and what that involves is you have to take a test to demonstrate your ability in personal injury litigation. It’s an entire day – a very difficult test, actually. And then you also have to have a certain level of experience. You have to have tried a lot of personal injury lawsuits, all the way to a jury trial, as the first chair. I’m also board certified in civil trial litigation by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and that’s a board certification for civil trial work in general, so that would include both business litigation and personal injury litigation. And then on the firm side, we’re AV rated by Martindale Hubble, and Martindale Hubble is the leading law-firm-rating agency, and they evaluate many aspects of a firm – their education, their background, their ability, their standards of ethics – and if you meet their highest standards then you get their AV rating, and so our firm has accomplished that and has been AV-rated for many years.