About Heygood, Orr & Pearson

This video introduces Heygood, Orr & Pearson and features personal injury attorney James Craig Orr, Jr. as he discusses what makes the firm unique and the types of cases the firm usually handles.

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The firm handles both business litigation and personal injury cases, so almost all the lawyers here came from very large law firms, and we just decided that we wanted to work in a smaller firm environment. And so we still handle a lot of the business litigation that we handle at the big firms, but we also handle personal injury cases, like an 18-wheeler case or a product liability case, those types of cases.

With our firm, you’re getting the attention and efficiency of a small firm, but you’re getting the pedigree and education and skill of a large firm lawyer, so I think that’s one of the unique things that we have to offer. We’ve tried a lot of lawsuits, and so we’re very experienced in the courtroom, but we’re also excellent on the briefing side of a case. We have some of the best brief-writers, I think, in the entire state of Texas.

Well I think that if you’re choosing a personal injury law firm, 1.) you need to choose someone that you’re comfortable with, so we interview them and get to know them a little bit and make sure you’re comfortable with them, make sure they’re someone that’s gonna stay in contact with you. Then next, you need to look at their experience. Are they a lawyer that has actually tried a lot of cases? Taken cases from A to Z? Are they a lawyer that’s just gonna try and file the case and settle quickly for whatever they can get, or are they a lawyer that will actually push the case hard, litigate the case hard, and take it all the way to trial if necessary?