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This brief introduction video features personal injury attorney Richard Plezia as he talks about his experience and advice he has for clients.

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I’ve done almost every kind of case. I’ve done medical malpractice cases, I’ve done dental malpractice cases, pharmaceutical cases, insurance cases, automobile cases, truck wreck cases, and trucking cases are very different than automobile cases. I’ve done premise liability, I’ve done maritime, I’ve done explosions, burns, wrongful death, really a huge array of different cases that I’ve handled to a successful conclusion.

What most people don’t realize is the second an insurance company is contacted for a particular claim that’s made there’s lawyers involved. The defendants already have their lawyers. And so what clients don’t understand or don’t realize is they think that they can talk to insurance companies or try and settle claims themselves and they do a lot more harm than good.

The certifications that I have I’m board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I’m also board certified as the civil trial advocate of the National Board of Trial Advocacy. And I’ve had leadership positions I’ve been past vice president of the Houston Trial Lawyers and also past vice president of the Texas Trial lawyers.