If my spouse is making false allegations against me, what can you do for me?

Houston, TX Family Law Attorney Michael Hiller talks about what he can do for clients if their spouse are making false allegations against them.

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When there are false allegations against my client the first thing we have to do is well, whose saying they’re false? I always tell my clients it’s not that I don’t trust you I only trust the evidence. So who’s making the allegation and why do you say it’s false? Is it through CPS has a child made an outcry? What are the circumstances? So we find out. And in almost all of my cases where this has happened, it’s usually a parent who has somehow gotten an older child or even an adult child to go to CPS and make some kind of allegation that’s not true. And many times it’s immediately ruled out but then the lawyer still files something with the court to keep my client from seeing their chiller all together.

And so what we do is we gather the CPS information if it’s ruled out and we gather all the evidence and we go to court and we never agree to one second of supervision because we believe the allegation is false. And then we fight hard, we don’t – most lawyers will give in and say okay, we’ll go supervise for a while and that’s just a kiss of death so we never do that.

The other thing we do we’re starting to look at a high conflict institutes program to reduce conflict between parents. There are some other programs we’re looking at but that’s the main thing we do what I just described.