What is reconciliation law?

Houston, TX Family Law Attorney Michael Hiller discusses what exactly reconciliation law entails.

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Reconciliation law is a field that I developed about 10 years ago and it involves a number of things. One of the things it involves is if somebody comes in and they don’t want to get divorced and the parties are on their way to court we can actually file a motion with the court to have the parties ordered to a discernment counselor who can help them figure out if they should stay together. That’s not really usually very successful because the judges aren’t very educated in this manner.

So what I recommend is collaborative divorce, collaborative law because then we can start that process and have a mental health professional and a financial professional help us look at hey, maybe this couple should stay together, maybe there are things they can work on so that’s the best use of it. In collaborative divorce or collaborative law, we can create a postnuptial agreement that is really a plan to work on their marriage. And if one party wants to include what would happen if they get divorced that can be in the postnuptial agreement as well that’s it in a nutshell.