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When a client comes in, I try to think of them as unique instead of saying oh, different faces, same issues. Every client comes in with a problem of some kind and for example, if somebody is not sure they want the divorce then I think it’s my job to help educate them about ways they can stay together including reconciliation law, which we developed using the law to help people structure a plan to keep their marriage together.

You know you’re getting someone that at the very least has had a lot of experience in court, out of court, in all kinds of family law matters not just divorce but modifications of custody, adoption, so forth and so on. So it’s not just a written exam it’s a lot of experience and that should give the client a lot of confidence in their lawyer. There may be other factors like is this the right lawyer for you, are they just nasty, do they have a unique approach where they can do both in court and out of court or if you want in court they’re really focused more at this point in their profession.

When you can help a couple primarily representing one say in collaborative divorce well you can help them restructure their life or lives I should say with their children after the divorce so that they can continue co-parent successfully after the divorce is done.