What is the Marriage Booster Clause?

Houston, TX Family Law Attorney Michael Hiller defines the Marriage Booster Clause.

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So a marriage booster clause is a name I gave to the plan for the marriage to stay together and those are clauses we put in the postnuptial agreement that sets out, for example, the parties agree to attend marriage education classes for the next six months with such and such institution whether it’s online or in person. There might be another part of it, another marriage booster clause that says one of the party’s may have a drinking problem so they are going to go to AA and maybe a different kind of therapist as well. So whatever the issues that need to be addressed they’re going to be set out as marriage booster clauses. We also try to once the marriage gets stabilized we talk about well, there are things you can do a year from now such as agree to go on date night every weekend or once month. Have two weekend retreats a year and continue to learn skills that help you have a healthy marriage primarily in the areas of communication and conflict management.