What is the Hiller Law Divorce Two Step?

Houston, TX Family Law Attorney Michael Hiller describes what’s called the Hiller Law Divorce Two Step.

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The Hiller Law two-step divorce process is something I came up with because I wasn’t happy with the steps I was seeing that other law firms were putting on the internet. I deciced that there really only two main questions you have to ask when a person comes in as far as which direction you’re going. Is your case likely to be resolved out of court or is it likely to be resolved in court. And from their then we can help you. So if it’s going to be out of court then is collaborative divorce the best solution. I always recommend collaborative divorce in almost every case. Then if I find out facts as to why it shouldn’t we can go from there. But out of court, there are other options too. We can go straight to mediation, we can negotiate with the other attorney, there are a number of options. If it’s in court like your spouse has hired the meanest, nastiest divorce lawyer in town we know we’re getting ready for at least one hearing. So we need to get ready for that hearing and then we have to lead you down that path to get ready for litigation. Sometimes we can get those cases steered toward collaborative divorce but sometimes we can’t.