What are the advantages of collaborative divorce?

Houston, TX Family Law Attorney Michael Hiller talks about the specific advantages of going through collaborative divorce.

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The advantages of collaborative divorce are that number one, its private, it’s not going to be in court, both parties and the attorneys will sign a four-way agreement that those particular lawyers will not go to court on the case. And so there’s a contractual agreement to exchange information, to work steadily toward achieving a result, which in most cases is going to be the divorce. But also, maybe most importantly is that when it’s done, in my opinion, the right way then you have a financial and a mental health professional assisting you.

So when the emotional issues come up, when there are issues with the kids that they’re not adjusting or one parent wants the divorce more than the other then the mental health professional can step in. And with the financial professional then they get someone that’s looking at the issues that will never be looked at in court. For example, if one of the parties is making all the money and the other one hadn’t worked in 25 years the financial professional needs to step in and say how is this going to happen? How are you going to survive after the divorce?