What’s it mean to be a Board-Certified family law Specialist in Texas?

Houston, TX Family Law Attorney Michael Hiller talks about what it means to have the title of Board-Certified Family Law Specialist in Texas.

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What it means to be board certified family law specialist as an attorney in Texas is that you have a lot of experience as a family lawyer, as a divorce lawyer. You can’t qualify for that test very easily and it’s really hard to pass I don’t care what anybody says it’s very difficult. But if you do pass it now you’re offering the client a minimum standard and really it’s a pretty high standard to reach. You know you’re getting someone that at the very least has had a lot of experience in court, out of court in all kinds of family law matters.

Not just divorce but modifications of custody, adoptions, so forth and so on. So it’s not just a written exam it’s a lot of experience and that should give the client a lot of confidence in their lawyer. There may be other factors like is this right lawyer for you? Are they just nasty? Do they have a unique approach where they can do both in court and out of court or if you want in court, they’re really focused more at this point in their profession on out of court? But the point is it is a high bar and it should give the client a lot of confidence.