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This video features family law attorney Michael Hiller as he talks about how Hiller Law Firm stands out and uniquely services its clients’ needs.

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Well Hiller Law Firm is basically a family law firm so a full services family law firm that means we do divorce litigation, we do collaborative divorce, we do paternity cases, adoptions, modifications, enforcements. There’s a few other things but those are the main areas that we do. Custody litigation, child custody litigation, of course.

Our emphasis is on trying to do things out of court if possible and only in court if necessary.

We have something I call the Hiller two-step divorce process and what that is when a client first comes in most cases tend to fall into in court or out of court in terms of where they will probably start. And once we determine that then we can help guide you toward what type of in court solution or what type of out of court solution.