What’s the most rewarding aspect of your practice?

Denton, TX trial attorney Grace Weatherly talks about what inspires and motivates her on a daily basis in her career.

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Much to my surprise in 25 years I found that we can save peoples companies, we’ve increased the quality of life for people who’ve been severely injured, and we’ve actually had the opportunity to save some lives in civil cases. Two of the cases that stand out to me as being the most rewarding are a case where we had a woman who was taken off the transplant list who desperately needed a lung transplant but her employer fired her. We didn’t just get her job back we got her back on the transplant list and her life was extended. Similarly, we represented the family of a very young child who had a horrible blood cancer but his insurance company through his mother’s employer refused to pay for a stem cell transplant. Through litigation, we got that stem cell transplant and he just graduated from high school. Those are the kinds of cases that make all that we do worth doing.