A Case of Employment Discrimination

Denton, TX trial attorney Grace Weatherly talks about an important case she was on.

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I was hired a few years ago by a long time employee who’d just been fired after serving for several decades for a bridge company. And he been asked by his employer about his prospects for continued work and he told his employer he wasn’t thinking about retirement. But the employer asked how old he was and a few days later, he came back and said to my client well I didn’t know until last week that you’re over 60 and we’re thinking we may go in a different direction and later that week he was terminated.

Well I’ve been handling employment cases for 25 years and I’ve been board certified in labor and employment law since 1999 but very, very few of those cases go to a jury trial. So we tried the case in Longview it took about a week to try and we did prevail and we got a nice judgment for our client. But what was interesting about it is all the local press that we got. There was a story on the local TV news every night about the trial because people were so interested in employment discrimination.