Rewarding the Client and Obtaining Justice

Denton, TX trial attorney Bill Wood talks about a specific case he worked on and what it meant for his client as well as the large amount of compensation he was able to settle with for the client.

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I’m gonna tell you some specifics about a particular personal injury case that we tried. It’s all a matter of public record I’m not making any disclosures here that can’t be found in the public record. We had a lady who was I believe about 67, 68-years old she was working and she liked her work. This was a fairly ordinary automobile accident she got hit in the rear by another vehicle. She had neck and back injuries that prevented her from continuing her work. She was actually a teacher and she taught in an industry that had continuing education that was necessary. But she couldn’t stand and teach for long periods of time.

She only had about as I recall $12,000.00-$15,000.00 dollars in medical treatment, didn’t have any surgery, wasn’t going to have any, and didn’t have any future medical that we could prove up. What her loss was in addition to the pain and suffering was the fact that she loved her work. She loved doing what she was doing and she was prevented from doing that. And that offer of $35,000.00 that we had to settle the case didn’t actually come until right on the eve of trial. Before that, I think it had been about $20,000.00. And we tried that the case, the jury liked her just as much as we thought they would, and they awarded her $538,000.00 and the judgment was paid and not appealed.