What makes your firm different from other firms?

Denton, TX trial attorney Bill Wood talks about why his firm stands out as a unique law firm.

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I think what makes our firm different from other law firms is that we actually are trial lawyers. There are a lot of lawyers that will talk about being trial lawyers or refer to themselves as litigation lawyers but our firm and in particular, Grace Weatherly and I, I believe have tried more civil cases than anybody in our area and certainly that’s so recently. And people know that so I really think that’s one of the things that calls attention to our firm and distinguishes it from others.

Well one more thing I’d like to say about what I think distinguishes our firm from others really involves mostly Grace Weatherly. Grace has developed her skills through hard work, through study, through experience. She and I have tried lots of cases together but she isn’t just known in this area where our office are, she isn’t just known in Dallas, she isn’t just known in Texas, she is known all over this country. And if you ask the people who know, the judges and the lawyers that are big time trial lawyers all over this country you’re going to find that most of them know who Grace is and they respect her ability. And I’m very proud of the way that Grace has developed her skills and I’m proud to have been a part of it and together I think we can match up against anybody.