Advice to Aspiring Trial Lawyers

Denton, TX trial attorney Bill Wood gives strong advice every young trial lawyer should know before going out in the courtroom.

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My advice to any young lawyer who wants to become a great trial lawyer is number one; you need to care about your clients. If you care about your clients and you show them that you care that’s going to project into any arena that you’re operating in whether it’s in a courtroom, a deposition, or a settlement. And another thing that you have to have is you have to be willing to dedicate yourself to outwork the other people, to outwork your opponents and spend more time preparing and preparing in a more meaningful way than they do.

And one last thing, when you’re in the courtroom taking the high road rather than the low road. Professionalism with the court, candor with the court, formality in dealing with the judge, and professional courtesy to the other side to the opposing party and attorneys jurors appreciate that. That’s what they’re looking for and it’s easy for a lawyer to be trusted and believed when the lawyer acts with those skills.