Why is it so important to have a will in Texas?

Denton, TX Family Law Attorney David S. Bouschor, II talks about why someone should have a will in Texas.

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In Texas, one of the most important reasons to have a will is that if you want to have your estate managed by an individual in an independent method, that person probably cannot get appointed in an independent method without a bond unless you have it in your will. Now, sometimes there’s way of getting there, but it’s a lot more expensive and a lot more complicated. In Texas, if you don’t have a will, the independent administration is harder to get and the independent administration is what is vastly less expensive, if it works for your case, than a dependent administration. So if you want your estate to be run efficiently and inexpensively and go to your heirs and not be used up during the administration, have a will. Plus, no one really understands who you want to give things to and the will is your only opportunity of making sure that happens.