What advice do you have on paying the bills during a divorce?

Denton, TX Family Law Attorney David S. Bouschor, II talks about different ways couples can pay bills once they get a divorce.

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The first issue that you need to realize in paying bills in a divorce process is that two people cannot live apart for the same amount of money as they could live together. And the process of getting through the divorce can be an expensive and uncomfortable one, and often it is uncomfortable because the way that you did things before are not the way that you’re going to do things ever again. And, for instance, often people will have to put things on a credit card that they haven’t had to put on a credit card before. I’ve had clients that have always paid off their credit card at the end of each month. Well, that’s not something that you can do when you don’t have enough cash flow to run two houses. Now, it’s not an evil thing to not pay off your credit cards. Actually, that credit is what it’s there for. And that debt is still a community property debt and it’s going to be handled at the end of the divorce process, and it will be awarded, partitioned, or whatever. But credit are one of the tools that we can use, and often it has to be used during a divorce.