Meet David S. Bouschor, II

This brief introduction video to David S. Bouschor, II will feature him explain his background and his passion for his career as well as specific advice for his clients.

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I did other jobs, such as I owned a diving salvage company. I worked as a welder for a couple of years. What this has brought to the area of law is I have a lot of clients that I understand where they’re coming from because I’ve been there, I’ve been doing that.

The board certification process actually states that before you even sit for the test, you have to have at least five years experience in family law. You have to meet other criteria such as appeals and other family law centered issues that allow you to actually list for the test to begin with. Most people are out practicing five to ten years before they’ve met all those requirements. And then you sit for a test which is as complicated or more complicated as the state bar exam.

The advice that I repeatedly give my clients is come in, sit down with me, and tell me about your case, because the most important advice that you can give somebody really depends on their case.