What can I do to limit the cost of my divorce?

Denton, TX Family Law Attorney David S. Bouschor, II talks about how you can limit the cost of your divorce.

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The ability for a client to control the cost of their divorce is really centered on how much the clients are going to fight during their divorce. Now, that’s something that can’t be predicted. Often when people first come in, they say, “Oh, I think we’ve got an agreed divorce,” but they don’t know the issues that are going to have to be taken care of or what fields are gonna have to be plowed before we can get to the end of the divorce. For instance, if there are separate property claims, there is an issue about whether a separate property claim can be traced. If you have one parent who’s stayed home and basically taken care of children and now they’re going to be looking at the post-divorce world, you have somebody who’s going to have to probably get a job. It may involve getting training. It may involve going back to school.

And all of those things, if they are agreed to up front, they don’t take long to get through. But even the split of the property, when you get to the end and everybody’s been educated as to what their rights are, whereas they may have said, “Oh, we’ll just split everything down the middle,” what one person thinks that means 50/50 and what the other person might be hearing is 55/45 because of some facts that are out there.

Clients need to understand that lawyers are selling time, and the more time they take, the more expensive your case is going to be. So, for instance,, when you’re into the information gathering and you need bank statements and you need retirement statements and things like that, if the clients are super organized and responsible and get them to us right away, it was quicker and therefore cheaper. If they are very busy for one reason or another and can’t get them to us in a timely manner, then that’s one of those problems that has to be talked about. If they need help, we provide help for helping them in their office so they can continue to work. But any time that that sort of thing is happening, there’s a higher cost to it.