Background Before Becoming a Lawyer

Denton, TX Family Law Attorney David S. Bouschor, II talks about his background and early careers.

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Well, I come to the practice of law in kind of a circuitous past. My relatives were attorneys, such as my grandfather and my father, but when I got out of undergraduate I went to be a geologist. I came to Texas as a geologist and worked in the uranium department for Sun Oil, and when Three Mile Island happened, that job ended. I then went into the oil and gas area and worked on rigs and things like that in the oil and gas patch. And as that was petering out in the ’80s, I did other jobs such as I owned a diving salvage company. I worked as a welder for a couple of years. What this has brought to the area of law is I have a lot of clients that I understand where they’re coming from because I’ve been there; I’ve been doing that. And it helps me to understand where they’re coming from and be able to discuss their issues with them in a way that they understand.